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Countries that will PAY YOU to move there 🌎🏡

There are countries across the globe that will actually pay you to move there, including the USA, Chile, Italy and even Australia.

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A small town, located in the desert 1000km from Brisbane, is seeking to attract inhabitants. Quilpie is offering the sum of $20,000 to people wishing to move there, in order to enable them to buy land and on the condition that they build and live there.

The minimum stay at Quilpie is 6 months.


Sun, delicious specialties, dolce vita... who hasn't dreamed of moving to Italy? Thanks to this project, you could receive €28,000 to move to Calabria, in different picturesque villages! You must be under 40 and ready to start a business in Italy.


The state of Arkansas, in the USA, is offering $10,000 to those willing to relocate there for at least a year. A mountain bike or a cultural subscription is included in this package, which is ideal for exploring the surrounding national parks.

However, to meet the criteria: you must be over 24 years old, have 2 years of work experience or more, be authorised to work in the United States and be able to move in within six months of applying.


The village of Albinen, in Valais, is seeking to reverse depopulation by offering a financial incentive to move there. You could get up to 20,000 CHF (Swiss Franc) per adult, and 10,000 CHF per child. It's worth noting that you must be under the age of 45 and ready to live in Albinen for at least 10 years... quite a commitment.


Many Spanish villages are threatened with extinction due to the aging of the population and the rural exodus: Ponga, in Asturias, offers for example €3000 to couples moving there, as well as an additional €3000 per child born in the village. Other villages offer rent at cheap rates for newcomers, €225 maximum in Griegos or €100 in A Xesta.


This one is a bit more complicated but still worth considering. Chile offers different packages to entrepreneurs in order to boost its economy and innovation. Depending on the level of your project, you could receive between $14,000 and $80,000, as well as a visa and support from mentors.

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