MV Gemini

Go on a THREE-YEAR cruise that visits 135 countries 😲

Visit 375 ports across all seven continents. No, really, on one insane cruise.

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Sail more than 130,000 miles across all seven continents and visit 135 countries with this frankly ludicrous cruise that has just launched.

We've done the calculations and to go on this 3-year sailing you only need to book roughly 780 days off work so get that holiday request form in pronto!

The cost? It's starts from $29,999 per year (about £25,000), per person so the whole trip would cost about £75,000.

OK the outlay is massive but that is less than £70 per night so very reasonable considering that includes your cabin and all-inclusive meals on board.

The cruise starts in Istanbul on 1 November 2023 and ends back in Istanbul on 1 November 2026.

You can see a fancy interactive itinerary here.

For more information, visit Life at Sea Cruises' website.

Images courtesy of Life at Sea Cruises.