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Why should you visit Gozo main

Gozo: Why you should book a holiday to this small Med island

We love Gozo. Untouched beaches, crystal-clear waters (great for diving!) and deliciously fresh, local food, what more could you want? 

Although this small island is semi off-the-beaten-path, it's not entirely unknown. It is, however, often overlooked. In fact, many visitors to Gozo only stay for a day or a night before returning to Malta. We believe that these people are missing out on a lot by not staying more than one night. We’d argue that Gozo is among Europe’s best sunshine destinations, and if you're looking for authentic experiences, from the sun and sea to culture and gastronomy, Gozo definitely deserves a spot on your holiday 2024 list. 

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Being an island, the sun and sea play a huge part in life on Gozo. With year-round sunshine and warm Mediterranean waters, it will also play a major role in your holiday as well. Adventures here can be as relaxed as a stroll through the Citadella or as daring as diving the Blue Hole.

Our top five ways to soak up the sun on Gozo

  1. Beach hopping: If you’re headed to Gozo for some beach time, you’ve come to the right place. Explore Gozo's stunning beaches such as Ramla Bay and San Blas Bay for a bit of swimming, snorkelling and sunbathing. The more adventurous pirates should visit Wied il-Għasri. It’s a bit of a trek to get to, but we’ve personally never seen anything like it! It’s a narrow inlet accessible by stairs that have been carved into the cliff. At the bottom is a secluded and sandy beach.

  2. Coastal trails: Enjoy leisurely walks or bike rides along Gozo's coastal paths, with breathtaking views of the sea and surrounding countryside. We highly suggest taking a horse riding tour if you’re looking for something a bit more adventurous.

  3. Seafront dining: Soak up the sun and sea views with delicious, fresh and local food. For seafront dining, head to Malsaforn, Xlendi or Mgarr. They all have a number of restaurants that line the bay, or in Mgarr's case, the harbour.

  4. Sunset views: We believe that some of the best sunsets can be seen in Gozo. What could be more epic than watching the sun sink into the sea while standing on 130 metre high limestone cliffs that plunge dramatically into the sea? We recommend that you bring a picnic and a bottle of Gozitan wine for the show. For the more adventurous, we recommend a sunset Segway tour.

  5. Explore the towns of Gozo: Immerse yourself in the local culture by exploring bustling markets and quaint streets. Take a stroll through Victoria (Rabat) and visit historic sites such as the Citadel or stop off in Xagħra for a meal and enjoy the lively atmosphere in the main square.

Top adventure activities on Gozo


If you are not interested in hiring a car, cycling is a great eco-friendly way to get around the island. The island has many bike paths that offer stunning views and landscapes. Additionally, there are several places to rent bikes around the island. Bike hire usually starts around £10 per day, e-bikes around £26 per day.


Gozo boasts many picturesque bays and secluded coves that are just begging to be explored by kayak. Kayak rentals are available for a few hours from various locations on the islands. Kayak Gozo offers several packages for morning or afternoon rentals, with prices starting around £40 per person for a 3-hour rental with a guide.

Scuba diving and snorkelling

Discover the underwater world of Gozo with its rich marine life, caves and reefs at various dive sites around the island. Top dive sites include the Blue Hole–reputedly one of Europe's most popular dive sites, teeming with marine life against dramatic rock formations–and the Azure Reef. This is where the famous archway known as the Azure Window collapsed into the sea. Snorkeller should try their luck at Hondoq ir-Rummien.

Other water sports

There's so much to do on the water besides kayaking. Take a boat ride around the island for swimming, snorkelling and diving in secluded bays and caves. Hop on a jet ski for a fun way to discover hidden coves, or spend the morning paddleboarding.

Rock climbing & abseiling

Gozo is an ideal location for those interested in rock climbing and abseiling due to its naturally rocky inland terrain and sea cliffs. The best spots on the island for rock climbing and bouldering are Hondoq, Dwejra and Ta Cenc. Gozo Adeventures offers half day climbing and abseiling tours.

Culture on Gozo

The island boasts impressive cultural and historical sites, such as baroque architecture inherited from the Knights of St John, the UNESCO World Heritage Ggantija Temples dating back to 3,600 B.C., and the mosaics of salt pans that dot Gozo’s coastline. Additionally, Gozo offers stunning natural sites, including mythical caves, crystal-clear bays, and red sand beaches.

Ġgantija Temples

The Ġgantija Temples are located on Gozo, and they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. They date back over 5500 years, making them the oldest free-standing structures in the world. They were created 1,000 years before the Egyptian pyramids of Giza or Stonehenge.

Victoria's Citadel

The Citadel is not only a spectacular sight, but the views from the top of the fortress are even better. If you're interested in culture, history, and museums, the Citadel is the perfect place to spend a day. You can learn all about the Knights of St John, who once lived in the Citadel during the Bronze Age.

The citadel has a Medieval layout, with winding streets and alleys. Near the entrance, there is a courtyard with grand steps leading up to a baroque cathedral dating back to the early 1700s. The Cathedral Museum provides more information about its history. In the square you'll also find the Old Prison, Courts of Justice and the Bishop’s Palace. Other must-visit museums in the Citadel include the Museum of Archaeology and the Folklore Museum.

Salt Pans

Located on the north coast, you'll find shallow pools of glistening seawater, cut into the rock face. For over 350 years, generations of salt farmers have used these pans to product salt. When the ocean fills the pools, the sun dries the water leaving salt behind, which is then harvested. After the salt is collected, it is then stored and processed in nearby caves.

Please be mindful of where you go, not all the salt pans are open to the public, as that's one of the ways in which Gozo still cultivates its salt. If you see a "No Entry" sign, please be respectful and obey.

From farm to table: Agritourism and culinary minimalism on Gozo

Gozo embraces a rural lifestyle where the farm-to-table concept plays an important role. Simplicity and quality are key ingredients. Due to this, agri-tourism has recently become popular on Gozo. It offers visitors a chance to experience the island's rural charm, traditional farming methods, and local cuisine. Gozo provides specific accommodations, restaurants, and activities that focus on the environment and food production.

Our top picks for agri-tourism experiences

1. Ta Mena Estate is a family-run farm and winery that produces local products. Tourists can book a wine tasting and tour, which is led by the founder's granddaughter. After the tour of the winery, you can try some delicious Gozitan treats. These include sun-dried tomatoes, fresh bread with sweet tomato paste, local cheeses, sweet fig jam, and wine.

2. Tuta is a boutique farm stay located on a 14-acre farm estate in the centre of Gozo. The on-site hotel, spa and restaurant all focus on bridging Gozo’s relaxed atmosphere with artisanal products. They also offer animal-assisted therapy, culinary experiences and educational talks on farming and agriculture.

3. Tal-Massar Winery is situated in the village of Gharb and offers guided tours of the vineyard and cellar, as well as the eduction on the wine-making process and the local grape varieties grown on the island. Visitors can taste a variety of Gozitan wines, which are paired with local cheeses and artisanal bread.

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