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Lights off, air con off... How the Spanish energy saving plan affects your holiday

A brief overview of the rules that now apply throughout Spain

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Why was the energy saving plan adopted in Spain?

Due to the energy crisis in Europe, EU countries have committed themselves to voluntarily reduce their gas consumption by 15 percent from August to March (compared to the average consumption of the past five years during this period). How the member states achieve this is up to them. Gas accounted for 33 percent of the electricity mix in Spain in July.

When does the plan apply in Spain?

From 10 August 2022 to 1 November 2023.

What will change in public life as a result of the Energy Saving Plan?

  • All public facilities as well as department stores, cinemas, offices, shops, hotels, train stations and airports in the country are allowed to cool their premises to no less than 27 degrees Celsius

  • Exception: shops with employees who are under particular physical strain (e.g. also bars and restaurants) may set the air-conditioning to up to 25 degrees Celsius

  • In Winter, the above mentioned locations can heat up to a maximum of 19 degrees Celsius

  • Shops with automatic systems keep their doors closed to prevent heat or cold from escaping

  • Lights in unused offices, shop windows and monuments must be switched off after 10pm

How will implementation be monitored?

Initially, no controls or fines are foreseen; the government is counting on voluntary implementation.

Can the plan still be overturned?

Possibly. The head of the government of the Madrid region wants to file a complaint against the plan with the Constitutional Court.

What impact will this have on your holiday in Spain?

Your own hotel room is part of your private space and can continue to be cooled or heated according to your own wishes. But in the lobby or the hotel restaurant, for example, the measures might impact you.

How do other countries react?

Other countries are imposing similar measures:

  • Italy: public offices may only be cooled to 25 degrees Celsius; heating temperature will be lowered to 19 degrees Celsius; possibly shortening the heating period by two weeks.

  • Greece: public offices may only be cooled to 26 degrees Celsius; street lighting is reduced to what is absolutely necessary.

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