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Santorini Greece

🏝️ The 5 best and worst Greek islands to visit 🇬🇷

We are big fans of the Greek islands ourselves, so we've been eagerly following a poll conducted by the UK-based magazine "Which?", where the most famous among them were rated by travellers. Take a look at how your favourites stacked up.

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The magazine "Which?" — a UK-Based magazine dedicated to ranking things based on polls — recently called on its readers to rate their favourite Greek islands according to the following predefined criteria:

  • Beaches

  • Food & Drink

  • Accommodation

  • Sights

  • Scenery

  • Shopping

  • Tranquillity

  • Price-quality ratio

After evaluating all the votes, 10 islands emerged that had enough mentions to allow for meaningful judgment. For each of these islands, an overall score was then formed from the individual criteria, according to which the islands can be ranked. We have listed the top 5 and the bottom 5 for you.

ℹ️ Remember, the ranking does not reflect the opinion of our team.

The five best-rated Greek islands

1. Kefalonia

  • Total Score: 85%

  • Top-rated in: Beaches, Food & Drink, Scenery, Tranquillity

  • The photo is of the popular Myrtos beach

2. Lefkada / Lefkas

  • Total Score: 84%

  • Top-rated in: Food & Drink, Scenery

  • The photo is of Porto Katsiki beach.

3. Skiathos

  • Total Score: 84%

  • Top-rated in: Beaches, Scenery

  • The photo is off the Rock arch next to Lalaria Beach.

4. Crete

  • Total Score: 83%

  • Top-rated in: Food & Drink, Scenery

  • The photo is off the world-famous Balos Beach in the northwestern part of the island.

5. Corfu

  • Total Score: 82%

  • Top-rated in: Food & Drink, Scenery

  • In the photo you can see the double beach of Porto Timoni Beach in the Northwest of the island.

The five Greek islands with the lowest ratings

1. Mykonos

  • Total Score: 55%

  • Low-rated in: Tranquillity, Price-Quality Ratio

  • The photo is of a small street in Little Venice.

2. Santorini

  • Total Score: 73%

  • Low-rated in: Tranquillity

  • The photo is of the picturesque town of Oia.

3. Rhodes

  • Total Score: 78%

  • Low-rated in: Shopping, Tranquillity

  • The photo is of Anthony Quinn Bay.

4. Zante

  • Total Score: 79%

  • Low-rated in: Sights, Shopping, Tranquillity

  • In the photo you can see Navagio Bay with its famous shipwreck.

5. Kos

  • Total Score: 80%

  • Low-rated in: Sights, Shopping

  • In the photo, you can see Limnionas Bay.

You can find a lot of information about Greece and its islands here:

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