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The US is set to drop its COVID testing requirements to enter

The news you've been waiting for — you finally won't need to worry about the logistics of getting an approved COVID test to enter the USA. The removal of the long-standing testing requirement is set to take place on Sunday night at midnight.

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In place since January 2021, tests served as a great way to keep down positive cases from travelling to the country. But as the world started to ramp up vaccination, and less deadly variants came about, the risk level has been drastically mitigated.

Neighbouring Canada dropped the testing requirement months back, and have been very successful in managing the virus since. So it felt like only a matter of time before the Biden administration would follow, but it's nice to see it come to fruition.

Unsurprisingly, airlines and other travel companies have been lobbying for removing testing for a number of months. The CDC is set to review the dropping of the test requirement in 90 days, so it could hypothetically be brought back if there's science-backed reasoning.

CNN seems to be the first outlet to be reporting on this, and that's where we got the news first.

Awesome photo at the top by Rasa Puzinaite

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