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  • Dip your toe into our rundown of some of the most aesthetic baths that are worth travelling for! 🛁
Crazy Bear Beaconsfield, Wowcher

The world's best bathtubs that are worth spending the night for 🫧

Now, these above-average tubs might come with a hefty price tag per night, but we are pretty sure they're worth shelling out for. Nothing beats checking into a nice (and expensive) hotel and seeing you've got a cracking bath to relax in during your stay.

We've got some of the very best picks from hotels across the world for when you are looking for a good soak.

Published by
Lauren Bird·01/02/2023

From heart shaped baths to jacuzzi tubs big enough for an 11 aside team, we've got it all. Whether you like to think of your self as an exhibitionist or a traditionalist, these crazy hotel baths are a must on one of your next trips.

Grand Paradiso - Ibiza

One of the newest concept hotels in Ibiza, the grand suite at the movie themed hotel is really straight from Hollywood. The huge circle bathtub has an ocean view and is big enough for 2 (or more). We should know, we've bathed in it ourselves. The hotel itself is a real statement with it's pink and gold art deco vibes and it's nod to old cinema with a movie theatre and caduzzi on site. FYI - A caduzzi is a cadillac jacuzzi. That's right, it's a car with a hot tub inside. So run the tap, channel your inner Brigitte Bardot, and check in to in our opion, the best bath in Ibiza.

The Crazy Bear - Beaconsfield

The Crazy Bear hotels are a must for staycations that require some next level impact. Their decor is UNREAL! A lot of it needs to be seen to be believed. Nothing is too much for them, with the hotel seriously going all out on their suites. Their baths are freestanding copper tubs that fill from the celing. Wild we know. Think Scarface meets Moulin Rouge and you're on the right track for this place.

Paradise Stream Resort - Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania

So, you're going to have to stay at Paradise Stream for 2 nights. Simply because, there's 2 tubs here that you've got to try. Both very different but both totally worth it. We are yet to tick this one off our bucketlist but trust us, we are saving all our pirate pennies to be able to spend a few nights in this throwback nostalgic love shack.

First up, the heart tub in the Garden of Eden Apple Suite. Nothing says 70s romance like a heart shaped tub with a mirror above right?

Second, but maybe an even better tub is the champagne suite. This bathtub is an supersized champagne glass. This screams vintage honeymoon suite with a heart shaped bed overlooking your own private pool in your actual room.

Black Swan Inn - Pocatello, Idaho

We could write the whole thing on the tubs and the rooms at the Black Swan Inn (We probably will) so to pick just one was a task. They have everything from Egyptian themed rooms to Pirate themed but we had to go with the Sea Cave room with the most instagramable bed you've ever seen and a bathtub that wouldn't look out of place at Seaworld.

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