Voyager, Orbital Assembly

The world's first free-flying gravity ring is opening up to tourists!

Set to open in 2025, the space development company Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) is developing the world's first free-flying gravity ring space stations that will offer accommodations for guests to work and stay in.

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Orbital Assembly plans to offer two space station hotels that will provide a truly unique experience, prioritising comfort for their visitors. The Gravity RingTM design will provide artificial gravity, making it easier for guests to assimilate to space's ecosystem and allow them to freely move around as they would on Earth.

The first of its kind, the Pioneer station which plans to accommodate around 28 guests is set to open in 2025. While the larger Voyager station which will accommodate up to 400 people, is set to open two years later. Each module in the Pioneer station will offer 14,000 cubic feet of space.

(Photo Credit: Orbital Assembly)

"For the average person, being in space will be a sci-fi dream experience,” says Orbital Assembly Corp's Chief Operating Officer, Tim Alatorre. “Our vision is to make space a destination people will yearn to visit, with familiar elements provided by the presence of gravity.”

Though booking a room is not yet available, the company is seeking out investors and is looking forward to leading in the space tourism industry.