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This airline is weighing passengers before they board

Air New Zealand is weighing its passengers before flights, apparently for safety reasons, but why exactly are they doing it?

Published by
C. 'silver-tooth' Sharpe·07/06/2023

So between 31 May and 2 July, Air New Zealand aims to weigh 10,000 passengers before they fly.

Spokesperson Alastair James said, “We weigh everything that goes on the aircraft — from the cargo to the meals onboard, to the luggage in the hold.”

Why are they weighing passengers?

The aim is to create an average weight of their passenger load and help pilots better understand the weight and balance of an aircraft before take-off, and long-term help with fuel efficiency.

Since 2004, the average passenger weight has increased by 77 kilograms (170 pounds), so the Civil Aviation Authority requires numbers are regularly updated.

Do I have to do it?

The survey is voluntary and completely anonymous, so airline staff or other passengers will not be able to see the scales.

As spokesman Alastair James says, "We know stepping on the scales can be daunting. We want to reassure our customers there is no visible display anywhere," Mr James said. "By weighing in, you'll be helping us fly safely and efficiently every time.

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