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Turkey has changed its name (the country, not the bird!)

The UN has officially accepted Turkey's request to be named Türkiye instead. The national flight carrier, Turkish Airlines, will also be re-branded, with Türkiye Hava Yolları soon to be printed on all their planes.

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It's been in the news since December, pirates -- Turkey wants to be Türkiye (pronounced tur-key-ye).

Why is that so? President Erdoğan’s government explained that the new name better represents Turkish culture and values. Some people say part of the reason is to dissociate its name from the bird.

The UN has now officially agreed to the new name and since 1 June, the former name has been officially replaced by the new one.

Since this week, it's been announced that Turkish Airlines will also be renamed! No timline has been given on when to expect the name change. The plan is to re-paint more than 300 planes with the local name Türkiye Hava Yolları.