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Phu Quoc beach, Phu Quoc Island, Phú Quốc District

Best-value holidays 2024: 10 destinations where your money goes further

We've rounded up the countries where your money goes furthest in 2024, to provide you with the best-value holidays the pound can buy.

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Life is expensive, and holidays are no exception. But we've done some digging (aka perused the Post Office's Holiday Money Report 2024) to find out where the pound goes furthest, so you can make the most of your holiday once there.

The bad news first: European destinations, which often have the cheapest flights, aren't looking so hot for value against the pound right now, with only four countries making the top ten.

The good news: long-haul destinations offer the best value for travellers in 2024, with the power of the pound looking pretty fierce in some very exciting destinations. Although not always the cheapest to reach, this is your opportunity to cast out the net and explore further afield.

Plus, we've always got you covered with some amazing value flight deals.

1. Vietnam

Topping the chart for the first time is Vietnam, due to a large drop in the value of the Vietnamese dong, and lower costs in food and drink.

2. Cape Town

Sterling has surged in value against the rand, but local prices have gone up, meaning that Cape Town has actually dropped to runner-up this year for the best-value destination.

It's still a cheap destination for those with pounds! A pint costs as little as £1.50 and a 3-course meal for two can cost as little as £40.

Good news, Norse Atlantic has recently launched a new direct route to Cape Town, offering great value flights.

3. Kenya

Costs in the coastal city of Mombassa, Kenya's main tourist destination, have fallen by seven percent, bringing it into third place.

4. Japan

People often think of Japan as an expensive destination, but currently it would be a great time to visit, due to a significant rise in sterling’s value against the Yen, combined with a fall in local prices.

5. Portugal

Portugal’s Algarve is the highest placed of 15 European destinations surveyed, seeing a 1.2 per cent drop in prices. In doing so, it has overtaken Turkey and Bulgaria.

6. Egypt

Sharm el-Sheikh has moved up to sixth place as a result of the devaluation of the Egyptian pound in early March.

7. Bulgaria

Although local prices are up 6.4 per cent, it still remains an affordable destination with the pound going far.

8. Bali

Prices in Bali are down 6.7 per cent. 🥳

9. Turkey

Despite the downward spiral of the Turkish lira, local prices in restaurants and bars have more than doubled as owners try to overcome the challenge of inflationary price rises.

10. Cyprus

Cyprus is the fourth European destination in the best-value top 10 and the only new entrant, as a result of a 6.8 per cent drop in costs – the biggest price fall in Europe after Budapest, Hungary, where prices are down 10.7 per cent.

Most expensive

And on the other end of the spectrum...

Costa Rica is the most expensive of the 40 destinations surveyed. Prices have risen significantly in recent years because of the growing strength of the Costa Rica colon.

The same applies to Mexico, once in the best-value top 10 but now down to 33rd place, mostly due to the strength of the Mexican peso.

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