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New-customer promo codes will never dry up with this Gmail hack

Many companies, whether they sell travel or other products, give first-time buyers extra money off to seal the deal.

The problem? You're only a new customer once. Or are you? We've discovered a simple trick that can give you unlimited first-time discounts.

Published by
Raph Giacardi·02/01/2024

You know those juicy 10%-off codes companies sometimes give to first-time customers? The ones you get for signing up for a newsletter or creating an account. You can get them FOREVER as long as you have a Gmail account. Say what!?

Granted, you can already get infinite new-customer promo codes if you’re willing to create multiple email accounts. But that’s faffy and admin-heavy.

Gmail makes this a lot easier – and you don’t have to create new accounts. Here’s the trick: Google ignores plus signs (+) and everything that follows them on email addresses.

Let’s say your email address is [email protected]. If you send an email to [email protected] or [email protected], the email will still end up in your inbox. Hello, multiple addresses in one single inbox.

There’s only one downside: every time a company sends a newsletter, you’ll get an email for every address you’ve used. But unsubscribing from the duplicates is much easier than staying on top of the passwords and addresses for multiple accounts.

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