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You can now stay in a Transylvanian guesthouse owned by King Charles III

Yes, you read that correctly, you can spend a night in a guesthouse in Romania owned by the current King of the United Kingdom.

Published by
C. 'silver-tooth' Sharpe·19/10/2022

Nestled in the hillside of the Zalán Valley in Transylvania, Romania, the Zalán Guesthouse or the Prince of Wales’s Guesthouse (which is due a name change 👑) is owned by none other than King Charles III.

It may sound like the start to a vampire horror story 🧛, but this place is legitimately a fascinating place to stay.

The bonny King Charles bought the property back in 2006, with part of the reason for its acquisition due to the area once being owned by his Transylvanian ancestors.

The property is like a time capsule, with the guest rooms furnished exclusively with antique Transylvanian furniture and textiles. The decor is designed to reflect the history of the property, which is centuries old.

The property is made up of several buildings that look out into a small village, and the area is also used as a training centre for local artisans.

If you fancy visiting, guests are welcomed on arrival with local Transylvanian brandy and pastries. Fair warning, there is neither TV nor radio, but plenty of books to read and activities like horse riding, hikes and cart rides. Alternatively, they have a wood-fired hot tub that sounds like it's fit for a king...

Surprisingly, given it's owner's grand status, it's very affordable to stay here. Rates start at €157 (£136, $148) per night, with all proceeds going to The Prince of Wales Foundation in Romania.

If you fancy visiting in winter, they even offer horse-drawn sleigh rides with bells, blankets and mulled wine. Hats off to you Charlie, you've made a real winner!

Photo credits: Mr Robciuc Alexandru

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