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Stunning A-frame beach house in Kent w/sea views! Stay 3nts (sleeps 6 & pet-friendly)

The gorgeous house has direct beach access

from £176 p.p

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Pirates, what more can be said about this stunning beach house in Kent other than WOW -- it's the right mix of sleek, modern and cosy with sea views as well.

Up to six people can stay from £1,052 -- that works out to a little over £175* per person for a 3-night stay so, considering how lush it is, it's far better value than a hotel.

It's fully booked now for the summer but there is plenty of availability from November until July 2022.


  • Isle of Wight
  • England
  • United Kingdom


  • Booking with Airbnb

  • 3-night minimum stay (longer stays possible)

  • Example date: 8-10 October but more available

  • Dates spanning November 2021-July 2022

  • Kent, England, United Kingdom

  • Sleeps 6

  • Dogs are welcome (max 2)

  • FREE Cancellation

Price breakdown

  • 1,052 / 6 = £175.34* per person for a 3-night stay

About your stay

The beautiful beach house sits right by the sea with direct access to the beach and sand dunes.

You'll have the whole place to yourself and it's perfect for a big family gathering or a group of friends to relax for a few nights.

There's a massive open-plan living space with kitchen, four bedrooms, all the modcons you'd expect for a comfortable stay and a balcony with views of the sea.

Additional Information

Partner Link airbnb_uk_accommodations_affiliate

Partner Link airbnb_uk_accommodations_affiliate

Above is an example date - we found availability from November 2021-July 2022.

Please note -- *Prices are correct at time of publishing, based on the sample dates provided and are subject to fluctuation, depending on availability. Prices are subject to change. Inventory may be limited. Special T&C’s may apply.


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