Buy a house in Croatia for £0.11 (11 PENCE)?!
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Yes, you read that correctly - £0.11 for a house - cheaper than a Freddo

We've shown you plenty of houses in Italy for sale for one euro before but we thought, actually, that's a little bit expensive.

So this time, we've found you some houses in the Croatian town of Legrad selling for 1 Kuna which is about £0.11 (11 PENCE).

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Located in northern Croatia, Legrad, has been hit hard by de-population - it lies on the border with Hungary and its population has declined by 50% in the last 70 years. To attract new residents, the city plans to sell some of its house for 11p.

The mayor announced that during the first attempt, the city sold 19 empty houses and abandoned construction sites for the price of one kuna.

The houses on offer are in various condition. Some are half-ruined, with no windows or doors, and their walls are covered with mould.

The municipality says it will pay 25,000 HRK (about £2,800) towards any required renovations, and for new residents who want to buy a private home, the city will pay 20% or up to 35,000 HRK (about £4,000).

So what's the catch? Individuals or couples who wish to settle in Legrada must be financially solvent and under 40 years of age. They must also commit to staying for at least 15 years.

Still, not a bad deal seeing as you get a house for cheaper than a Freddo.

Source: Reuters


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