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Cruise down the Thames in a hot tub boat! 🏴‍☠️

A truly unique experience from £32 pp

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We are all about finding the coolest experiences and today we introduce you to the world's first hot tub boating experience. If you've been looking for something new or different to experience after lockdown then this is it!

Grab some friends and a bottle — or two — of rum, don your sailor caps and let your pirate flag fly!


We know you love a good hot tub, but how many of you have tried a hot tub boat? Skuna boats in London lets you to embrace Nordic tradition by cruising along the Thames in a bespoke hot tub.

The boat is electric and easy to drive, while the water is heated to a toasty 38 degrees so you can enjoy the ride in any weather.

Your boat journey will last a total of 90 minutes and there is room for seven people onboard.

Choose from two locations: Canary Wharf (open everyday) and lakeside Essex (open from 19th Aug, Thur - Sun).

If hot tubbing isn't your thing, Skuna boats also offers a bbg boat option.

Rest assured, the boats are deep cleaned in between each group and in the case a covid-related cancellation occurs, you'll have a free reschedule.

What does this fun experience cost? They are currently running a promotion for up to 40% off bookings. Rent a hot tub boat from £225* (£32 pp) or a BBQ boat from £150* (£17pp).

You can fit up to 7 people on the hot tub boats and up to 9 on the BBQ boats.

What do you think, pirates? Would you book your own hot tub boat? Let us know in the comments!