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Did you know there's a retirement home for sloths?

There's a sanctuary in Wales for OAP sloths

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First mate Al·22/11/2022

Turns out, just like humans, sloths also need to go into retirement!

Folly Farm found in Pembrokeshire, Wales has made the decision to take in some sloth OAPs.

Instead of taking on young breeding sloths, Folly Farm is giving a home to older sloths which have 'retired' from other zoos.

The first sloth to be homed was a two-toed sloth called Tuppee who is now at the grand old age of 24. Tuppee was joined by Lightcap from Bristol Zoo, who is 34. Sloths aren't sociable creatures, but are known to get more friendly to each other as they age.


See more of the cute sloths moving in:

Last year, they got an even bigger retirement home!

If you want to visit, you can! The retirement home is part of Folly Farm, Wales, an adventure farm, including a mini zoo, a vintage fairground and a massive playground for kids.