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Rent a 15th-century monastery on an island in Croatia

Sleeps 10 w/a private beach, terraces with views and caves!

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In the 15th century, the Lopud 1483 monastery served the monks. It has now opened its doors to visitors and a monastery with five apartments is available for rent for private stays and events.

Fancy a holiday to Croatia? Have a look here! (or don't, whatever, no biggie)


Located off the coast of Dubrovnik on the northern Lopud peninsula, Lopud 1483 is a Franciscan monastery that has been restored by a famous art visionary. For centuries, this place has dominated the Elaphite Islands and the Croatian coast of Dalmatia.

Lopud 1483 enjoys a peaceful and private location overlooking the small harbor and islands. It is an ideal place for families or groups to celebrate a special occasion or spend a peaceful holiday. The monastery can also be rented for seminars, film festivals, performances, concerts and other events.

The former monks' cells have been converted into five elegant private apartments, each with its own bathroom and views of the ocean or the monastery's healing gardens.

The interiors are carefully restored using special carpentry techniques and historical plaster. In addition, hand-made furniture by the Italian designer Paola Lenti and carefully selected works of modern art make this place truly unique.

There is also delicious cuisine made with fresh, local products. Imagine yourself eating dinner on the terrace or in idyllic gardens, admiring the sunset from the ancient fortress and admiring the surrounding islands of Elaphiti.

The fortress itself once protected the inhabitants of the island, providing shelter and means of defense against attacks by Ottoman pirates. From the top of the fortress you can enjoy views of the neighboring island of Šipan and the national park on the island of Mljet.

In another corner of the monastery there is a traditional Franciscan pharmacy, inspired by the monks who once lived and meditated here. The restored garden features citrus fruits and medicinal herbs used in the Franciscan pharmaceutical tradition.

Spa treatments are also available in the monastery on request. In addition, you can arrange meditation. Staff can also help book excursions and activities both on and off Lopud Island.

Additionally, the price includes a free boat trip twice a week. It is worth getting to know the Elaphiti Islands, you can, for example, dive in the blue caves of Kolocep.

The island of Lopud itself has a rich and varied history, dating back to Roman times. Today the island is home to around 300 inhabitants, many of whom make a living from organic farming, fishing and wine production.

There are no cars on the island and the natural environment of Lopud has remained intact. The main settlement on the island is surrounded by the port of Lopud, dominated by the imposing bell tower of the monastery and the atmospheric ruins of the fortress.

The island is great for exploring the island by bike, relaxing on the beautiful Šunj beach or discovering the numerous ruins. In the evenings, in the ruins of the fortress, you can also go to the open-air cinema. And if you feel like it, you can go to Dubrovnik, which you can reach quickly by speedboat.

Well, after so much admiration, everyone is sure to ask how much such luxuries cost. The price per night for 10 people costs about £858, or about £85 per person.

However, you can also visit the monastery without renting it for the night. Guided tours of the monastery and its grounds are organized by prior arrangement, when the monastery is not reserved for private use. Visits can be booked up to two weeks in advance and are subject to availability.

More photos and information about Lopud 1583 can be found on the monastery's website here.

To book an appointment or overnight stay, please send an email to [email protected].