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Free accommodation in Sweden, with a catch...

You can stay for free in Sweden, but the accommodation would most likely be a wooden hut with no doors or windows. Would you do it?

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Sweden's basic law states that you can pitch your tent (almost) anywhere without paying a penny. But if you want to stay without the hassle of carrying around camping equipment, you don't necessarily have to stay in paid accommodation.

In Sweden there are around 200 cabins where you can stay overnight for free, according to Travelbook and the Swedish tourism association, Visit Sweden.

Most of them are shelters, wooden cabins without doors, but there are also some overnight huts with beds and running water available.

In return, guests are asked to ensure cleanliness in the huts and to limit the length of stay to one night. These free shelters cannot be reserved in advance, which means you may end up sharing your sleeping space with strangers.

What do you say, are you brave enough to take the gamble, so you can utilise these free stays in Sweden?

If so, have a look at this website. Which provides an overview of all the types of free accommodation.