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UK visitors are banned from taking certain foods into Spain

UK travellers heading off to Spain need to be aware of new, post-Brexit rules changes that BAN certain items.

Published by
C. 'silver-tooth' Sharpe·19/09/2023

UK travellers are being warned that bringing certain foods is no longer allowed under new, post-Brexit rules.

  • Meat and dairy products

The European Commission has stated that anyone arriving into the EU from non-EU countries, which now includes the UK, cannot bring meat or dairy products with them.

This is an important rule change, that could see UK travellers - who have previously enjoyed more relaxed rules - get caught short by this new regulation.

According to the Commission's website, if you were to travel with meat and dairy products you ‘may be liable for costs or penalties’.

This rule applies to cakes containing cream, as well as any sweets containing gelatine. So, for example, English cheeses like Wensleydale, clotted cream fudge and even mince pies (if they contain suet) would be banned.


It's important to note that this rule does have a few exceptions, but all products must be in sealed, original packaging:

  • Powdered baby formula or milk

  • Pet food, required for medical reasons

  • 2kg of honey

  • 20kg of fish

  • 2kg of live oysters

Find out more info on the UK Government website.

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