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Argentina holidays: Tango, nature and vibrant cities

According to some, Argentina is seen as one of the South American countries most influenced by Europe. But witness a tango show or watch a football match here, and you'll discover that Argentina's heart is thoroughly South American!

No matter what type of holiday you're after, whether it's a romantic getaway for two or a group holiday focused on Argentina's incredible natural scenery, you'll find that there's so much variety in this country. There's the colourful, vibrant capital of Buenos Aires - a must visit during any Argentina holiday - and then there's the great outdoors, from the endless expanses of Las Pampas to the towering glaciers of Patagonia. So, while it may take a while to get there, every moment of an Argentina holiday is completely unforgettable.

Top tips for Argentina holidays

If you're in the middle of planning your Argentina holiday, you've come to the right place. From the best time to travel there to currency and visa requirements, here's everything you need to know to get the most out of your Argentina holiday.

Argentina at a glance

Covering 1.1 million square miles, Argentina is the second largest country in South America. The mesmerising Andes mountain range dominates in the west, while the east borders the Atlantic Ocean with some of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever encounter. In the south, you'll find majestic glaciers, such as the Perito Moreno Glacier.

Here is some additional useful information about Argentina:

Population: 46 million

Currency: Peso

Time zone: GMT-3 (three hours behind the UK)

Language: Spanish

You'll be able to get by with English in areas that are popular with tourists, but you'll need basic knowledge of Spanish if you want to travel Argentina more broadly.

Flights to Buenos Aires

London is your best departure city for getting to Argentina, where you can catch indirect flights that get you to Buenos Aires in 13.5 hours. Some of the biggest airlines operating this route include British Airways, American Airlines, Delta and Lufthansa. If you're flying from another UK airport, you'll likely first need to fly to Europe and catch another flight to Argentina from there.

Holiday visas for Argentina

UK holidaymakers do not require a visa for tourist purposes for up to three months. Keep up to date with the latest Argentina entry requirements.

When is the best time to travel to Argentina?

Thanks to Argentina's enormous geographical size, there is no obvious best time to visit the country. But if you're planning to go south, where it's naturally cooler throughout the year, you should visit places like Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego during Argentina's summer (December to March).

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The best holiday destinations in Argentina

As mentioned, Argentina is a large country; which region you end up choosing will largely depend on your holiday plans. Hikers, mountaineers and nature lovers are usually drawn towards the south, focusing on Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego. This is also where you'll find Parque Nacional Los Glaciares.

For a city that's packed with sights, the capital Buenos Aires is definitely worth a stop. Learn to dance the tango with locals and then visit colourful Caminito, a pedestrianised street that's referred to as an open-air museum.

The endless reach of Las Pampas is ideal for a riding holiday, ideally with a stay at one of the many ranches. Another favourite with animal lovers, the Valdés Peninsula on the Atlantic is home to Magellanic penguins, sea lions and elephant seals.

For an impressive and unique natural spectacle, the Iguazu Falls on the border with Brazil and Paraguay are entirely worth the journey. And a few days in a well-known seaside resort like Mar del Plata or Pinamar will be the perfect way to round off your Argentina holiday.

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Things to do in Argentina

  • Get up close to Perito Moreno Glacier

  • Take a tango class in Buenos Aires

  • Embark on a hiking trail in Tierra del Fuego National Park

  • Go wine tasting in Mendoza

  • Embrace gaucho culture in Las Pampas

  • Marvel at the Iguazu Falls

  • See enormous dinosaur fossils at Neuquén

  • Admire the colourful mountains of Quebrada de Humahuaca

  • Visit Ushuaia, the world's southernmost city

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