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Holidays in the Czech Republic – There's more than Prague to see!

Start your Czech journey in Prague and explore this beauty with one of our city break deals, which has buildings stretching from the 11th century to the 21st. Enjoy a cold pivo (beer) in one of the many beer gardens before heading to the rail or bus station to explore the scenic countryside. Castle Karlštejn and picturesque Olomouc are both easily reached by bus or train. It's baffling, how the Czech Republic is still one of the more underrated travel destinations in Europe.

How to get to the Czech Republic

The country has two international airports, Václav Havel (PRG) in Prague and Tuřany (BRQ) in Brno. The latter is smaller but a good choice if you plan to explore the wine-producing region of Moravia. Buses and trains connect the capital and other major cities with countless European destinations, and are among the most economical ways to travel.

As the country is part of the European Union and the Schengen Zone, you can enter without a visa if you're a Schengen resident, and need to carry only a valid personal photo ID card. Residents of other countries will normally get their visa upon Schengen entry. For more information, check with your embassy before your holiday in the Czech Republic.

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Top cities to visit during your holiday in the Czech Republic

  • Visit Prague to see Prague Castle, Vyšehrad Castle, and Charles Bridge;
  • Olomouc to see the astronomical clock, castle, cathedral, and main square; and
  • Kutná Hora to see ancient silver mines and the ossuary in the chapel of Sedlec Abbey.

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Costs, currency, and language

The Czech Republic is a budget-friendly travel destination, especially if you opt for accommodations outside city centres. Hostels and small pensions run at a fraction of UK prices, and food and drink at neighbourhood pubs are also much cheaper.

The country still has its own currency, the Czech koruna. It's best to only exchange money at banks, which tend to offer better rates than money exchange booths. The Czech language is said to be one of the most difficult to learn. However, English is widely spoken, especially in big cities and in areas frequented by travellers.

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The best time of year for a holiday in the Czech Republic

The country has something to offer in every season. Here are the highlights:

  • In winter, explore the Christmas markets in historic cities such as Český Krumlov or České Budějovice, or go skiing in the Krkonoše.
  • Spring is the best time to visit the capital and its many flower-filled parks.
  • In summer, visit Šumava, a national park and biosphere with many hiking trails.
  • In fall, explore Moravia, a wine-producing area in the south of the country.