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Check out the 21 most-beautiful Islands in Greece

See the 21 most-beautiful Greek islands

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Greece is a popular holiday destination and it's easy to see why.

Warm sandy beaches, sunny weather, beautiful people, great food - just a few of the perks of visiting this country!

In addition, there are many amazing islands perfect for relaxation.

Our list includes obvious, well-known islands, but also some that are less known and worth discovering!

Check which of them are considered the most beautiful by global travelers.


1. Crete

It is the largest Greek island with beautiful weather almost all year round. Of course, there are also beautiful beaches, such as Falasarna in the west of the island. It is also worth visiting the historic places of the island, such as Knossos, Aptera or Malia. We also recommend visiting the village of Loutro, which is quite isolated from the rest of the island, and of course, visit the famous Balos Lagoon. Other towns worth visiting are also Chania and Rethymnon.

2. Santorini

The white villages of Oia, Fira and Imerovigli, blue roofs of houses, romantic sunsets and a view of the caldera — these are typical features of Santorini that will not disappoint anyone. There are also historical places including the ancient city of Akrotiri, the perfect place for wine tasting. Thanks to the eruption of the volcano, fertile soil for Assyrtiko grapes and Vinsanto wines was created here. The excursion includes the Nea Kameni crater and the Palia Kameni hot springs.

3. Skiathos

Have you seen the movie "Mamma Mia"? This is the island where it was filmed. What attracted filmmakers also attracted tourists - beautiful beaches, views and a relaxed atmosphere. One of the most beautiful beaches is Koukounaries in the south, Elia in the north or Lalaria with its amazing cliffs. Turquoise water stretches around them, and after sunbathing, you can go for a Greek feast in the tavern. If you want to see the sunset, be sure to visit Il Kastro, from which these are the best views. Also visit the charming Bourtzi Castle situated on a small island.

4. Lefkada

This is probably the only Greek island that can be reached by car — a bridge leads to it. It's a bit less known but has a lot to offer! The entire coast hides charming bays, fishing villages and beaches, and of course taverns with otherworldly Greek food. Water sports enthusiasts will not be disappointed - it is worth going windsurfing to Vassiliki and Sivota or to Agios for kitesurfing. It is also worth seeing the caves in Kalamos, which you can get to by boat. From less known villages, visit the village of Karya, Eglouvi or Exanthia.

5. Mykonos

Cyclades attract tourists, and Mykonos also attracts famous personalities and party goers (Mykonos is called the Greek Ibiza). You can easily get here by speedboat from Athens. It is worth visiting the city of Mykonos or the nearby island of Delos and be sure to take a photo with the windmills so characteristic of this island!

6. Corfu

It is the greenest of the Greek islands. In addition, Venetian, British and French influences intertwine here, which makes the island's capital look really cosmopolitan. Other beautiful villages with equally lovely beaches are Nissaki, Agios Stefanos or Kerasia. Don't forget to check out the Vlacherna Monastery, which is so well known from Corfu postcards, and the Porto Timoni beach. And if you want to go further - from Corfu you can easily get to Albania by boat.

7. Naxos

Naxos is slightly different from the rest of the Cyclades islands. There are many historic mountain villages, ancient temples and places for hiking (e.g. Mount Zeus). Naxos also has many beautiful white sand beaches such as Agios Prokopios and Agia Anna. There are several wilder beaches here if we go to the south of the island - Plaka and Mikri Vigla for windsurfing or kitesurfing or Kastraki. While in Naxos, be sure to try the lemon liqueur produced here, e.g. in the Vallindras distillery in Halki, or simply home-made wine in one of the many taverns.

8. Kefalonia

Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and a real gem for people who like nature. Its true beauty lies on its coast, where majestic white cliffs meet crystal clear waters and heavenly beaches such as Skala, Myrtos and Horgota. It is also worth visiting fishing towns such as Assos, Argostoli, Fiskardo, where you can also visit the nearby olive plantations. You will also like Mount Ainos National Park, where you can meet deer and wild horses. In Kefalonia, you can also make a trip to the beautiful caves of Melissani.

9. Milos

Everyone has heard of Venus de Milo, but now you need to get to know the island of Milos! And there is a lot to discover, especially over 70 beaches hidden inside the island and amazing cliffs - certainly one of the most beautiful in Greece. The must-see white cliffs are Sarakiniko. Other places worth seeing are the wonderful Papafragas cove hidden among the cliffs or Firopotamos.

10. Zante

Of course, we associate Zante with Shipwreck Bay, but this island has much more to offer. Zante has beautiful nature - much of it is a nature reserve, wild mountains, loggerhead beaches, rocky coves and of course rustic tavernas. If you are looking for beautiful beaches, take a look at the small Xigia beach with underwater sources and visit the rocky Porto Limnionas. Take a boat trip to Skinari and take a look at the Blue Caves and, of course, the Shipwreck Bay from there. The Marathonisi island, where there is a turtle sanctuary, cannot be missed on the to-see list.

11. Folegandros

Folegandros is a gem of Greece that not everyone has heard of. Only an hour from Santorini, Folegandros has similar rugged scenery and amazing sunsets. You can start your tour here from one of the three squares in the island's capital - Hora, to relax in one of the local cafes, a tavern or a bar with a glass of raki. From Hora, zigzag stairs lead up and to the landmark, Panagia Church - from which it is worth seeing the sunrise. There are no sandy beaches on the island, but charming rocky coves such as Katergo, Ambeli and Livadaki.

12. Hydra

Hydra has always been the muse of many writers, poets, artists and filmmakers. Less than two hours from Athens, Hydra fills up with celebrities from around the world on weekends. There are almost no beaches here, there are also no roads (the perfect place to get away from the noise!), But there is no shortage of yachts and bustling life and beautiful and clean water, which you can jump into from more than one rock. The port of Hira is one of the most beautiful in all of Greece.

13. Amorgos

The lesser-known island of the Cyclades, Amorgos - as beautiful as Santorini, and not everyone has heard of it. It's not easy to get here. Ferries can run aground in strong winds, and slower boats take around 8 hours from Athens. However, the journey pays off and the port itself warmly welcomes visitors with its charming little taverns. On the island you must visit the Hozoviotissa Monastery or the shipwreck that can compete with the famous shipwreck from Zakynthos. Tourist routes are called the Blue Paths here, because the sky and the sea can be seen from almost anywhere.

14. Paxos

One of the smallest Ionian islands, Paxos has a lot to offer. Three charming port towns: Loggos, Lakki and the main port of Gaios, which invite you to enjoy evenings under the stars, watch the sailors calling at the port and of course have a drink in the tavern. On the island, it is worth renting a boat and going to beautiful coves such as Marmari and Kipiadi, or to Antipaxos, an even smaller island that is a real gem.

15. Itaka

Ithaca — known as the home of Odysseus 'protagonist of Homer's "Odyssey", is sadly still out of reach of many travelers' radar. Its turquoise and emerald coves are popular with yachtsmen, but the island itself and its wooded hills are also worth a look. It is worth visiting the ruins of the palace of Odysseus from the 8th century BC, the Church of Anogi, and then to Kioni - a miniature port. Ithaca beaches are small and rocky, but you will be rewarded by the clear depths of the sea by the island. It is certainly a place where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle and mass tourism.

16. Syros

Syros is very close to Athens and it's easy to get here to take a break from the city. Be sure to visit the 19th-century city of Ermoupoli built on twin peaks - one Orthodox, the other Catholic, where you can see the influence of Italian culture. There are many festivals on Syros - of which the Greek blues festival, Rembetiko, is particularly noteworthy. Another town worth seeing is Hermoupolis with the Apollon theater. In the wild north, check out the beaches of Delfini, Varvarousa and Aetos. Take home sweet loukoumi and cheese from the island.

17. Kos

Kos is a beautiful green island dotted with fig fields and olive groves amid the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea. We find here dunes and beautiful beaches such as Lambi or less popular such as Limnionas. In the city of Kos, it is worth visiting Genoese castles, and on the island, of course, try Greek and Turkish dishes. You can go on a boat ride to the Turkish city of Bodrum.

18. Patmos

Patmos can be reached from Athens, but the cruise takes 10 hours. It's worth it though! Take a look at Hora, a city entered on the UNESCO list, where you will find magnificent mansions from the 16th century. If you prefer a little peace, you will find it in Agia Lesvias Square. Spend quiet beach moments, for example, at Psili Ammos and Livadi Geranou. If you like sightseeing, be sure to visit the medieval monastery of St. John full of Byzantine relics.

19. Symi

The island of Symi is small, but one of the most beautiful in the Aegean Sea with the prettiest port in all of Greece. Colorful, shimmering with shades of yellow, pink and blue, it rises among the turquoise waters. The whole city is worth seeing with its own acropolis and Panormitis monastery. On the island you will find beautiful beaches such as Ayios Yorgos, Disalonas right next to the cliffs or Marathounda - accessible only by boat or on foot.

20. Sifnos

Did you know that a native of Sifnos wrote the first Greek cookbook? Remember this name: Nikolaos Tselementes and go to a real feast. In many taverns you will find local ceramics, in which local delicacies are made. Visit charming places such as Artemonas, Seralia, Kastro and Heronissos, where, in addition to a satisfied palate, you will also enjoy beautiful views.

21. Rhodes

The island of Rhodes is located quite south, and thus the warmest - it is perfect for a trip outside the summer season, as it will still be warm here. Of course, you must visit the UNESCO-protected village of Lindos, where you will find the famous acropolis, the old town, but also beautiful cliffs and emerald bays. In the city of Rhodes, you will see a medieval citadel, ramparts, Byzantine churches, synagogues, minarets and Roman ruins. For sunbathing, we recommend the beaches of Glystra, Tsambika and Fourni. In the interior of the island there are alpine forests - here you can go hiking up Mount Attavyros, as well as castles on the hills - Monolithos. To the south is the Prasonisi peninsula, where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean Sea.

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