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Cheap Flight Deals: Find and Book the Best Cheap Flights

Everyone wants to book the cheapest flights they can, but how do you go about finding them? We bring you new cheap flight deals daily—fly to central Europe for under £10 return or to further-flung destinations like the U.S., U.A.E, and Thailand for under £300 return! Keep an eye out for deals to your preferred destinations and be sure to jump on them quick when you see that magic number.

*Pirate tip: When it comes to finding cheap flights, patience is a virtue. If you already know your plans you can start looking up to 11 months in advance, checking back in weekly to see how prices fluctuate. If you're more of a spur-of-the-moment traveler, you can try your luck with last-minute flights, which can bring you big savings.  

Check out our top cheap flight deals: 

When should I book flights?

It may be hard to believe, but the day of the week definitely plays a role when booking a flight. Airlines are smart, but you can outsmart them. The prices for flights start to rise once you plan your departure for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. This is because the weekends tend to be the easiest time to travel for most people. However, you should book your flights to leave on a Tuesday or Wednesday, then you’ll avoid the weekend rush and save some cash!

Better keep those eyes peeled for deals at the end of the year. Last minute is the magic word here because, at the end of the year, the airlines want to sell their last seats as quickly as possible. You can get in on some great last minute deals like a £140 return ticket to Jamaica, with a free hangover from caribbean rum thrown in on top.

 If you have the opportunity to go on a spontaneous holiday, then we can highly recommend booking in November and December. This is a bit of a risky move but taking a gamble can really pay off. Once you've found a bargain, then you shouldn't wait too long to strike, because—especially for long-haul flights—the cheapest options get snatched up the quickest. For example, if you find an offer from London to Tokyo for around £300, then you shouldn't wait 'til the next day, because we can guarantee you that this flight will be gone.


  • Book flights to depart on Tuesdays & Wednesdays
  • Check last minute deals in November & December
  • Don't wait too long to book a bargain for long-haul flights 

Which departure airports offer the cheapest flights?

You may have wondered before why our flight deals to continental Europe often depart from Luton, Southend, East Midlands or Prestwick and not always from larger airports like Heathrow. Airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Eurowings and Wizz Air often use smaller airports due to lower costs - which means cheaper fares can be passed onto customers. The same applies to arrival airports. That’s why it is common to land at Bergamo rather than Malpensa when flying to Milan. Or Frankfurt-Hahn (about 70 miles out of the city) instead of Frankfurt’s main airport.

Many people avoid Newark and opt for JFK when flying to NYC as the latter is more well known and within city limits while the former is in neighboring New Jersey. However, JFK has a reputation for long lines and heavy traffic meaning that landing at Newark can mean arriving in downtown Manhattan faster. This example goes to show that it can be worthwhile avoiding a city’s largest and most well known airport.

With long distance flights we regularly consider departure airports outside of the UK, like Dublin for example. Why? Because Ireland has different tax laws meaning that you often end up paying less.  


  • Focus your search on smaller UK airports 
  • Consider airports outside of the UK for long-haul flights
  • The biggest airport at the arrival destination may not always be the cheapest

Travel dates, departure airports etc.: Flexibility is key

We regularly receive flight requests on WhatsApp and Facebook that we are happy to answer. However, this can be difficult when the person looking for deals is set upon a certain departure airport or travel dates. With such requirements the price for return flights to Mexico can easily jump from £320 to £600. Of course we do everything possible to find cheap flights for you but unfortunately we don’t have a magic spell to change the price set by carriers.

Therefore, the golden rule when looking for bargains is to be flexible with travel dates and departure airports.

If you are set on certain dates or a certain departure airport, your chances of finding an amazing price are unfortunately lower. Within Europe your prospects are better, but the prices of short-haul flights increase considerably during peak season. In the off-season there is less demand for flights and because airlines still want to fill their planes with passengers, the prices drop accordingly. With this in mind, we recommend that you have a look at flights before you request annual leave. Just request annual leave that aligns with the cheapest flights! When you are looking to snag a bargain on long-haul journeys, it is important to remember that longer flight times due to layovers normally correlate with much lower prices.


  • If possible book flights outside of school holidays and during less traditionally popular times of year.
  • Longer journey times often means cheaper tickets
  • Consider more than one departure airport
  • If possible, look at flights before requesting annual leave

1. Return trips instead of one way

Even if you only need a one way flight, it makes sense to search for return flights. One way tickets are often significantly more expensive than return flights. No one cares if you board the return flight or not.

2. Layovers can be a good thing

Flights with multiple or long layovers are generally much cheaper! This option also has the advantage of giving you the opportunity to see and experience more on one trip. 

3. Use all current flights offers

Instead of searching for flights to a specific destination, simply search for the cheapest tickets - no matter the destination. With Ryanair for example, there is an option to search for all flights from your departure airport. The prices of all destinations offered from that airport within a certain time frame will be displayed.

4. Look at alternative airports

If there is more than one airport in your region, shop around a little. The more options you have, the more likely it is that you’ll find a cheaper fare. Budget airlines fly to airports that are a little further out of cities. But there are always options like buses, trains, or taxis to get into the city. Open-jaw flights are another great money-saving option - if there’s a crazy cheap flight from London to Majorca and an even cheaper return flight from Menorca to London, just book it and take a ferry from one island to the other. 

5. Sign up for Airlines’ frequent flyer programmes

Many airlines offer frequent flyer programmes that allow you to collect points and miles, which can be used for upgrades, free flights or other perks. Many airlines offer members with premium status access to exclusive airport lounges. Other benefits include priority check-in, fast-track security checks and priority boarding.

6. Use the foreign domains of booking websites

Flights are occasionally cheaper on an airlines’ or providers’ foreign sites. For example have a look at as well as

7. Sign up for airlines’ newsletters and follow travel blogs

Set up a new email account solely for receiving offers from airlines and tips from travel blogs. This way you won’t miss any deals. The sheer volume of flights advertised on the internet can make finding the right deal a little overwhelming. To combat this, many airlines and travel blogs offer an option for notifications to specific destinations . Whether by newsletter or app, you can receive notifications when something interesting pops up.

8. Follow airlines on social media

Most airlines have a presence on social media sites. Airlines and travel blogs often publish their best offers on Facebook, Twitter etc. first. Competitions and giveaways are also a common means of promotion used by airlines, so keep an eye on social media and you could be the next winner. These channels are also often used to inform customers of flights cancellations, delays and price changes.

9. Does it have to be the Caribbean?

You want to go to the Caribbean but your budget won’t stretch that far? Try not to get too hung up on it and search for alternatives instead. It doesn’t always need to be the other side of the world, breath-taking destinations can also be found much closer to home. 

Finding the cheapest flights is often a matter of luck and good timing. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t. But booking a really cheap flights undoubtedly gives you a great feeling and adds an extra level of excitement to an upcoming holiday. Using the tips and tricks laid out in this article will help increase your chances of finding unbelievable airfares. If you ever need an extra bit of help or some inspiration then HolidayPirates is always there to lend a hand.