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Accommodation options for ever type of traveller

Finding the right type of accommodation is crucial for an enjoyable holiday. Different personality and traveller types demand different styles of holiday stays. Do you love the great outdoors on a glamping trip or do you prefer to go on a city break? There is something for every taste available. No matter if you need the right place to stay on a last minute holiday, an all-inclusive trip or if you are going for a winter break. We got the best deals for every occasion. 

Bed and breakfast – stay with the locals

This is a great option for all that prefer to have their own room but don't fancy sleeping in a big hotel. Run by local people, bed and breakfasts offer the best of both comfort and local knowledge. Add a delicious home-cooked breakfast and the next day of your holiday is off to a good start. Bed and breakfasts can be found predominantly in Ireland and Great Britain, but their number is on the rise in other countries.

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Eco hotels – good for you and the environment

At an eco hotel, the emphasis is on environmentally-friendly and sustainable tourism. An eco hotel is built in a way that fits into the surrounding landscape, uses the least amount of energy possible, and serves fresh, local, organically-grown food and regional specialities. An eco hotel is a great choice for travellers that care about the environment and enjoy healthy food.

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Botels – sleeping on the waves

Boat + hotel = botel. A botel is a moored, often historic, boat that has been restored and converted into a floating hotel. Often located close or in the city centre, botels are a great option for people that want to be right where the action is! Botels can be found in places like Paris, Amsterdam, or Prague.

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Adult-only hotels – children-free zone

In an adult-only hotel, all guests have to be over 18. This insures a quieter atmosphere than a typical family hotel. Entertainment options, such as shows, are geared towards older clients. This type of hotel is ideal for guests that want to enjoy time among people of similar ages without children being around. A lot of these hotels are in some of the prime locations. Right at the beach or hidden in a romantic valley in the mountains.

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Glamping – outdoor luxury

A portmanteau from the words glamorous and camping, glamping means camping in luxury. That means big tents with real beds and all amenities you expect to find in a hotel, but in an outdoor setting. More unusual options include tree houses or yurts. This kind of accommodation is ideal for people who love to be in nature but also want to have all the creature comforts.

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More accommodation options

There are more types of accommodation available worldwide. Here is a short list sorted by budget:

  • Low-budget options: boarding house, budget hotel, motel, or couchsurfing.
  • Moderate-budget options: apartment hotel, finca, or farm stay.
  • Luxury options: boutique hotel, gourmet hotel, premium hotel, lodge, or castle hotel.

Do you want to stay in a fancy 5-star hotel? Here you go!