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Sex themed hotels and holidays

Pirates, many hotels shy away from the fact that their rooms double as dens for frisky couples to enjoy nookie away from home. But not all of them do - and they're not quiet about it, either.

We all know plenty of nude beaches or maybe even nudist resorts and there are many adult only hotels across the world but this 'nakation' is a bit different.

9 sex themed hotels in the UK and abroad

Whether you're looking for intimate romance in Paris or exploring your adventurous side in Mexico, we've compiled nine erotic hotels where sex isn't just expected, it's positively celebrated.

1. The Secret Dungeon, High Wycombe, UK

The Secret Dungeon is absolutely what it says on the tin. The bespoke BDSM hotel boasts kink furniture and an assortment of toys, complete with a wardrobe full of costumes for visitors to explore new alter egos. True to its name, all of this is based in an actual dungeon, creating a perfect playspace for couples to indulge their innermost fantasies. The B&B also comes with a four poster bed, WiFi and Sky TV - but if you're visiting The Secret Dungeon for Eastenders followed by a restful kip, you've probably missed the point.

4. The Kinky Suite, Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are looking for a fetish-friendly BDSM experience, we highly recommend this hotel in Amsterdam. The Kinky Suite is tailored to your fantasies and includes cages, mirrors, a stage with a dance pole, an erotic swing and plenty of toys. If you have special requests for sex toys and accessories, the hotel can accommodate your needs. In addition to all these amenities, the rooms are equipped with a jacuzzi, shower, underfloor heating, coffee maker and lights that can be adjusted to create a more sensual atmosphere in your bedroom. What’s more, The Kinky Suite lies in the middle of the famed Red Light District!

7. Hotel Pelirocco, Brighton, UK

The self-proclaimed "most rock'n'roll hotel in England" certainly gives itself a lot to live up to, but Hotel Pelirocco in Brighton manages to deliver. Far from a sleepy seaside hotel, this punk-inspired palace has 19 rooms each with a different theme, some of which certainly verge on the X-rated side. The Kraken's Lair Suite includes a mirror above the bed and a stripper pole, while the Ophelia Fancy Room dials up the raunch with a lingerie theme.

2. Provocateur, Berlin, Germany

Created with a passion for love and romance, Provocateur embodies sensual style. This boutique hotel offers guests a pleasure package containing condoms, massage oil and handcuffs for them to enjoy. Instead of the standard TV options, guests are also able to watch erotic movies in their room. The design of the rooms themselves is beautiful, with deep reds and gold accents. Some rooms have bathtubs, while others have showers (but don’t worry, they can fit two!)

5. Hedonism II, Jamaica

As the name suggests, this is a place for hedonists to seek their pleasures. Another clothing-optional spot, this hotel also organizes themed parties so that guests can don their sexy outfits. Couples as well as singles can also enter the playroom, if they feel so inclined, and unleash their deepest fantasies. At this hotel public sex is just another part of everyday life, and they’re sure to provide their patrons with plenty of condoms.

8. Erotic Suite, The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, USA

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, and you can always rely on the gambling capital to up get your slot on. The three-tower Palm Casino Resort is known for its lavish parties and celebrity stopouts, but it also includes some blush-inducingly adult luxury suites. One such room is the plush Erotic Suite, which comes with a shower with a pole dancing pole, rotating bed and mirrored ceilings. It's not a low-key affair, but what else would you expect from Sin City itself?

3. Desire Pearl Resort and Spa, Riviera Maya, Mexico

The Desire Pearl is a couples-onlyall-inclusive resort which caters to those who enjoy partying on their travels. Doesn't sound so unusual, right? There's just one catch: in all areas, clothing is optional. While couples can enjoy baring all on the neighbouring beach or the spacious rooms, many will opt to jump straight in at the pool's swim-up bar or nightclub, complete with swings, stripper poles, and a "Sin Room." Hey, at least you don't need to worry about finding something to wear...

6. Stay & Play, Los Angeles, USA

This decadent apartment loft in LA's eclectic Artist's District is hugely popular with swingers and fans of BDSM. Complete with two beds and three "sleeping cages" (?), there's a grand total of six "play environments", including The Scarlett Boudoir, The Warehouse and The Interrogation Station. The owners of Stay & Play also host regular events such as Masque, a popular fetish dinner and cabaret. Beats going to Liquid on a Friday.

9. Hotel Amour, Paris, France

A funky hotel spangled with phallic and nude imagery, the Hotel Amour is all about that love-themed decor. There's no television, of course, but that would only be a distraction in a hotel created purely for celebrating love. It is located in the Pigalle quarter, famed for its sex shops and adult theatres, with the famous Moulin Rouge just a ten minute walk away. So if you weren't convinced already about visiting, there's only one question to ask: voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?