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Wellness trips are a chance to rediscover your inner calm

Wellness trips are a chance to restore body and mind. By taking yourself out of the hectic everyday and giving you space to think and recuperate, they're a chance to return refreshed and ready to take on anything. Be inspired with the options for different types of wellness holidays to suit your own tastes.

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The benefits of taking wellness trips

While all holidays are partly intended to help travellers de-stress and escape reality for a while, wellness holidays take this to another level. Rather than rushing around seeing sights and indulging in foreign nightlife, the focus is on taking it easy and enjoying some luxury. Yet, a wellness holiday package doesn't necessarily cost as much as you'd think. Many are designed with simplicity in mind, perhaps spending most of the time within a single location, yet giving you space to really unwind and let the stress slip away. There are lots of variations on the theme of wellness to match your activity level and preferences. For some, there's nothing quite like an expertly-delivered spa massage to take your mind away from stress. Others may prefer to get fit and active with adventurous activities like canoeing or even bungee jumping.

Ideas for wellness trips catering to body and mind

Delight the physical senses and unwind with these recuperating break ideas.

  • Learning from the masters at yoga retreats in Goa, India.
  • Escaping urban life at Jolly Beach in Antigua in the Caribbean.
  • Indulging in much-needed pampering at a spa retreat in Antalya, Turkey.
  • Reconnecting with nature at the thermal Blue Lagoon close to Reykjavik, Iceland.
  • Letting off steam with skiing in the Austrian Alps, or simply meditating in majestic settings.
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Ideas for saving money on wellness trips

You can opt for upmarket retreats that are designed to pamper, yet wellness can also be surprisingly accessible.

  • Head to European destinations which offer low-cost entry to local spas. Budapest, Hungary is an excellent example.
  • Discover the splendid beaches of Spain and Portugal away from the usual crowds, such as Parede close to Lisbon.
  • Release endorphins by getting active. Make the most of group rates on adventures like paragliding and snorkelling with friends, such as in Possidi, Greece.
  • If you find it hard to focus when meditating, a secluded mountain area can be just the ticket to getting the hang of it. The Alps are superb for this.

Why try yoga on a wellness holiday?

Yoga is a perfect exercise for wellness seekers of any experience level including beginners. You may even fall in love with it and go and seek out the best yoga retreats the world has to offer! As well as building strength and flexibility, the psychological effects of yoga are well documented. A guided yoga retreat can be the ideal way to introduce yourself to this marvellous exercise practice from the East.

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