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Easter holidays: tips, tricks and hacks to save money

Easter is just around the corner and for the first time in three years, we can actually go on holiday!

Good Friday falls on 15th April and Easter Monday is on 18th April so if you plan your trip right, you can use up a chunk less of your time off work.

And the Easter school holidays fall well this year with most kids off school from 4th-18th April.

Have a look below for some of our best Easter city breaks, beach breaks and staycations plus tips on how to save a few bob on your next trip.

When to go away for Easter

It may seem obvious - go during the holidays [dramatic eye roll] - but what date you go during the Easter break can make a big difference to the cost.

With kids

Most people with kids are desperate to get away in the first few days of the school holidays so we’d probably avoid 2-6 April and let those parents get away first and pay for the pleasure.

If you do have kids, also try and avoid Good Friday and Easter Monday as those without children will be booking those dates to use up fewer days off work.

Without kids

As kids go back to school on 18th April, try and book a trip that ends after that date that includes the Easter bank holidays too. Prices will be lower as kids will be back at school, but you’ll also use less annual leave. Sneaky but smart.

Perhaps you fancy an Easter City Break.

Where's hot at Easter?

Fancy an Easter beach break - somewhere hot and sunny?

Mid-April is probably a little bit too early for the Greek islands or Spain so check out these alternatives below:

1. Canary Islands

Pick from Tenerife, Fuerteventura or Gran Canaria for a hot Easter getaway. Temperatures are usually around 25°C and there are plenty of hotels and flights meaning great deals

2. Florida

Most of the southern states in the USA are a good pick for some April sunshine, but Florida is closest (shorter flight = more time on the beach), and with so many amusement parks, it's a great pick for families.

3. Mexico

Head to the beaches of Cancún where April temperatures can reach 32°C.

4. Egypt

Temperatures can reach 28°C in Egypt during April with long and sunny days. Head to Sharm El-Sheikh or Hurghada.

Easter breaks in the UK

If the last couple of years has taught us anything, it's that right here in the UK, we are very lucky to have incredible destinations for great UK holidays.

Colourful cities, beautiful beaches and lush countryside - we have it all.