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Best Places to Visit in November: Where to Travel This Fall

November is a great month for off-season travel and you'll be thankful for the cheaper prices and shorter lines at tourist attractions. Here you'll find cheap travel deals on flights, hotels and holidays that allow for travel during the month of November.

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The best places to visit in November

Transition from autumn to winter with a getaway this November. The slightly warmer days of October have been left behind and upcoming peak season December travel to popular Christmas destinations makes November an ideal month to snag a cheap holiday. From warm weather locales to hidden gems right here in the UK, here are our top choices for an ace November holiday:

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1. Patagonia, Argentina and Chile

We may be gearing up for winter in the UK, but in Patagonia spring is giving way to summer. Patagonia is a very popular destination during peak Argentine/Chilean summer (between December and February), so visiting in November gives you a chance to enjoy sunny days and relatively warm daytime temperatures at lower prices and without the regular summer crowds. Decide whether you want to start on Argentina or Chile’s side, and plan accordingly. If you’re going with Chile, make sure to leave ample time to explore Torres del Paine National Park, with its towering peaks and otherworldly waters. If you’re starting in Argentina, Tierra del Fuego National Park and Los Glaciares National Park are sure bets. 

2. Málaga, Spain

With temperatures hovering around 20 degrees and sunny days, there’s a reason why Málaga remains popular long after the tourist season ends for holidays in Spain. Take advantage of the warm days by exploring some of this southern city’s best architecture, from the Alcazaba palace and fortress, the ruins of the Roman theater and El Castillo de Gibralfaro. Stop in for a snack between sights at one of the city’s street markets, where you can try local specialities like espeto, skewered and roasted sardines. If it's warm enough, head down to the San Julian beach for a stroll or travel further down the coast to resort beaches in places like Marbella. Stuck with a rainy day? There are plenty of museums—like the Museo del Vidrio or the Picasso Museum—to keep you occupied. 

3. Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas pulls out the stops all year round, but you can avoid the  scorching summer days with a trip in the fall, where you can still expect mild weather (16-21 degrees) and plenty of sunshine. Wander through the booming Arts District—if you can, catch the monthly First Fridays block party—and grab a bite to eat. As night falls and temperatures drop, head indoors to catch a show, sip mixologist-approved cocktails, and try your luck at the casinos. If you need a break from hitting the slots, take a day trip or an overnight to Death Valley (2 hour drive) or the Grand Canyon (4 hour drive). Death Valley is impossibly hot in the summer, making November an ideal time to visit, whereas with an out-of-season trip to the Grand Canyon you’ll avoid the regular crowds.

4. Lisbon, Portugal 

If you can’t decide between a hiking trip and a city trip, never fear. The ultimate Portugal destination, hilly Lisbon is breathtaking in every sense of the word: you’ll get a full sensory workout as you walk up and down the streets from scenic overlooks to tiny blink-and-you’ll-miss-them restaurants. While Lisbon is truly in the midst of fall by the time November rolls around, you can still expect a fair amount of sun and mild days in the mid-teens and low-20s. Use those warm weather hours for outdoor exploration in neighborhoods outside the city center—the beautiful Jardim da Estrela gardens are a great choice for a leisurely walk. As the evening cools, take your pick of local restaurants offering fine port wines and plates of some of the freshest seafood you will ever eat.  

5. Bath, United Kingdom

While the beaches of the UK are not so appetizing as autumn closes in, you can wade through warmer waters in Bath, one of the UK’s best autumn destinations. Bath is great for a minibreak of a couple of days, and is a particularly excellent choice for a romantic getaway. First take a walk through the old Roman Baths, where thermal waters still run naturally to this day. Then treat yourself to a day at the Thermal Bath Spa, where you can experience Bath’s natural geothermal waters the way the Romans did. Finish up your weekend of treating yourself with a night at one of the city’s best farm-to-table restaurants. 

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