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Solo Holiday Deals: The Best Places to Go for a Solo Trip

Have you ever wanted to take a trip by yourself? While we love traveling with friends, family, and partners, solo travel is its own reward. Solo holidays give you more flexibility to do what you want, when you want to do it. We've found some incredible solo trips to affordable destinations across the globe, whether you're looking to explore the ancient ruins of Mexico, take a road trip across Icelandor just relax on the beaches of Mallorca.

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The 11 best tips and tricks for solo travel

Travelling alone. Whether it’s because your friends can’t make up their minds on your next destination or you just fancy a solo adventure, it can lead to some of the most incredible and liberating experiences of your life. However, it can seem like a daunting prospect at first if you have never ventured out solo before.

Check out our handy tips below if you’re considering the solo lifestyle!

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1. Choose your destination carefully

If you’re new to the land of solo travel, then throwing yourself in the deep end with a multi-stop trip around Asia may be a little bit of an overload. Start off small, maybe a 2 night city trip to Europe. A place that is often walked by tourists and where it’ll be easy to find someone who speaks your language. We suggest places like Prague or Budapest. These cities have a wide selection of budget friendly accommodations and eateries and are known for their safety. 

Fancy somewhere a little further afield? Many hotel resorts in the Canaries, Balearics and Greece  boast single rooms. This means you just pay for the room you use, unlike if you booked a double room - you may end up paying double.

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2. Stay smart

Don’t make yourself a target to pick-pocketers or opportunists by flashing your phone, cash or other valuables whilst in and around busy locations. If you need to check your Google Maps, park yourself on a bench out of the main hum drum of pedestrians. At night, don’t limit your senses by using headphones and checking your phone. When packing or getting ready to go out, stash cash and cards in different places in your bags or on your person. Therefore if you are unlucky enough to be targeted, you’re not left stranded. Does your hotel or hostel offer a personal safe? Make sure you make the most of it.

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3. Join a tour

If you’re a little uneasy about exploring alone, join a group tour. Whether it be a day trip or a free walking tour, this way you will learn more about your destination as well as meet new people (and ask them to take those all-important photos).

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4. Educate yourself

Each destination has its own style of scam artist — an unfortunate reality of traveling. Make sure you take some time to look these up before heading out on your big trip. Whether it’s offering you bracelets under the Eiffel Tower or saying that your henna is ‘free’ in Morocco, decline politely and keep an eye on your belongings at all times.

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5. Blend in

If you’re headed to a country where people dress more conservatively, research the local customs before departure so you don’t stand out as a naive tourist, attract unwanted attention or cause offence to the locals.

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6. When taking a taxi

Always sit in the back, behind the passenger seat. Apps like Uber allow you to share your journey with friends, giving you another level of security with your ride. Only ever get into registered cabs and ask to see the driver’s ID for added peace of mind. This is not rude, just you taking care of your well being. If someone who you haven’t booked in advance approaches you or offers you a cheaper, private cab or tour, kindly decline and move on. If you feel uncomfortable, maybe pretend you’ve received a call and excuse yourself from the situation.

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7. Do not allow yourself to get drunk

It seems like an easy and obvious one, but remember you are at your most vulnerable when your inhibitions are lowered. Make sure you also watch as your drinks are being poured or opened.

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8. Join solo traveller groups

Social media platforms offer a wide range of groups you can join to ask fellow travellers or locals for advice on your destination. Some even go to the lengths of meeting up for a drink or meal!

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9. Let those at home know your plans

Share your plans or your current whereabouts with those at home, either through social media updates or by sharing your itinerary before leaving. Apps like ‘Find My Friends’ are also useful.

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10. Trust your gut

If something doesn’t feel right, excuse yourself and leave. Don’t worry about appearing rude or abrupt: politeness should NEVER come before safety. The more you travel, the more you will get a ‘feel’ for situations and learn what you are or aren’t comfortable with.

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11. Have fun

Again, it sounds obvious, but solo travel can be one of the most adventurous and liberating experiences. Make the most of your time alone by meeting fellow travellers, indulging in unique experiences and celebrating the solo travel life.

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