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Mallorca holidays: discover the largest Balearic island!

There are plenty of pleasant memories that a holiday in Mallorca will leave you with. Get ready to feel the Mediterranean spirit, discover hidden caves, hike at natural parks and pine forests, explore the gastronomy, history and mixed culture in one of the most exotic islands. The holiday Mallorca offer awaits you!

A busy stop in the Mediterranean: Your holiday in Mallorca

Mallorca is one of the most appealing islands located in the Mediterranean. As the meaning of Mallorca implies ('big island'), it is the largest island of Spain. Being also the second most populated Spanish island after Tenerife, about half of the Mallorca's inhabitants live in Palma, the only real city and centre of the island. Resting on the mountains not far from the city, Palma is a city of blue sky, beautiful people and the ongoing festival spirit.

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Ibiza's historical and cultural neighbour

Whereas Ibiza is most popular for its parties and clubs, Mallorca represents the historical and cultural side of the Balearic Islands. It is one of the most visited ancient centres of the Mediterranean, and there is evidence of life from the Palaeolithic Period on the island. Throughout its history, the island has been home to Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, Pisa and Catalan Kingdoms, Muvahhids, Mourabests, Aragon Kingdom and Castilians. During your holiday, Mallorca will let you explore the cultural heritage of these and many other civilisations in the most exclusive historical sites.

Plenty of attractions and numerous sites

Your Mallorca holiday offers you a rich list of activities. The island will surprise you with countless events that you can attend:

  • Tour through Plaza Mayor
  • Walk around the harbour
  • Watch the island landscape from Bellver Castle
  • Discover Catedral de Mallorca
  • Take a walk through the Old Town
  • Join cave tours and explore the underground
  • Visit the Royal Palace of La Almudaina
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Entertainment, food and nightlife

At the end of a joyful day, you can also enjoy the Mediterranean cuisine of the island! In almost every region of Mallorca, you will find the chance to taste paella, fish and seafood, and delicious tapas; the flavour of which will linger for a long time.

The holidays which Mallorca offers do not just consist of art, history, and culture. In Mallorca, you can enjoy the calmness of the sun at the beautiful beaches during the day and the nightlife of the island during the night. The island is not only less expensive but also offers nightclubs as entertaining as Ibiza clubs.

Some active nightlife corners of Mallorca are:

  • Palma de Mallorca
  • Palma Nova
  • El Arenal
  • Magaluf