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Early bird deals: Book your 2021 holiday!

Ever tried to book a holiday at the eleventh hour, only to find the flights are way out of your price range? Sometimes you can get lucky with a last-minute holiday, but the easiest way to get the cheapest deals is booking well in advance.

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How far in advance should I book a holiday?

Whether you're considering a 2021 trip or already on the hunt for a cheap deal, there are many reasons to secure your holiday a year in advance. 

Firstly, when new flight schedules are first released, fares tend to be at their lowest. As demand for certain dates increases, especially in peak seasons like summer or over bank holidays, prices will increase. So if you book your summer holidays many months in advance, you’re much more likely to get a good deal than if you book it just a month or two before. In fact, we've found that around a year in advance is the cheapest time to book a summer holiday. This changes depending on the time of year you travel. For example, breaks such as Easter are usually cheapest at around three months ahead. 

Flights aren’t the only reason to look for early bird travel. Many travel companies are willing to give discounts for travel booked well ahead of time in order to get business on the books for the coming year. Whether you're planning your ultimate solo trip or gathering your friends together for an epic group holiday, you are sure to save money compared with booking closer to the departure date. 

Not only that, but you can also very often secure your holiday for a very small deposit. With the trip not taking place until many months or even a year later, most operators are happy to book for a deposit sometimes as low as £10.

Top destinations for a summer holiday in 2021

1. Spain

Flights to Spain skyrocket in summer, but you don’t have to pay heaps of money for a trip to Southern Europe. Booking early means not only much cheaper plane or train fare, but also more (and cheaper) options in choosing your hotel, resort, rental home, or hostel. Given the popularity of cities like Barcelona and Seville and beach destinations like Mallorca and Ibiza, it’s best to book well in advance to snag the best offers. 

2. Italy

With temperate weather in the north, sultry summer days in the south, and more fresh pasta than you can handle, its unsurprising that tourism in Italy is at its peak in the summer. While you can’t avoid the crowds of tourists in cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence, you can rise above by planning smarter. Booking early means big savings on flights and popular hotels—and more money to spend on wine and gelato. 

3. Greece

An ace holiday is practically guaranteed in Greece, where sunshine-y days and warm weather are the norm. Early bookings ensure that you can get to your favourite Greek destinations, like Athens, Santorini, and Crete, without spending too much as prices rise in spring and summer. Once you’re there, you can explore ancient ruins, relax by the beach, take day trips out to small islands, and enjoy fresh seafood by the water. 

4. The United Kingdom

From top deals on a glamping getaway to a budget minibreak in one of your favourite beach towns, there’s plenty of reasons to book ahead when it comes to spring and summer travel in the UK. Staying close to home for a holiday is becoming more and more popular, given the number of excellent city trips, cozy bed-and-breakfasts, and relaxing beach holidays available. Not to mention, staying in the UK is an opportunity to take a more eco-friendly holiday

5. Croatia 

In recent years Croatia has climbed the ranks of summer holiday hotspots, making it one of the most sought-after summer destinations. With cities rich in interesting architecture and Mediterranean fusion cuisine, and seaside towns overlooking deep blue waters, Croatia draws in bigger and bigger crowds ever year. Get ahead of the curve by booking early and enjoy hotels with seaside views or bed-and-breakfasts in the city center without breaking the bank. 

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