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Best places to visit In January: Where to travel this New Year

January is a great month for new beginnings and cheap travel deals. Here you'll find all of our deals on cheap flights, vacations, hotels, and cruises that will have you traveling over dates in January.

Whether you're looking for a winter vacation in New York Citycheap flights to the Caribbean, or discounts on hotel stays in Europe in January, this is the page for you.

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Which countries make for a hot January getaway?

If you want to escape the cold of the UK for some sun in January then check out our top 9 destinations that offer plenty of sun!

1. Australia

Looking to book the trip of a lifetime? January is peak summer time for Australia, so you’ll be guaranteed some seriously hot weather. Travel up the country’s famous East Coast from Sydney to Cairns, and you could experience temperatures as high as 40°C, but you’ll never be far from the ocean, so you can always easily take a dip to cool off. Make sure you visit the beautiful Blue Mountains, the unique Fraser Island, and of course, the famous Whitehaven Beach.

2. Tenerife

The perfect choice if you’re looking for a cheap, sunny holiday in January, Tenerife is only 4 and a half hours away, with flights departing daily from the main UK airports. Playa de las Américas is the largest holiday resort, but if you’re looking for a quieter holiday, Los Gigantes is the place to stay. The average temperature at this time of year is 22°C, but it can get as high as 28°C!

3. Colombia

How about a visit to Colombia’s Caribbean coast this January? This period is the country’s dry season, and with highs of 31°C, the historical seaside city of Cartagena is an ideal destination for those looking for somewhere different to visit. To experience tropical paradise, why not visit the nearby Rosario Islands with its crystal clear waters, Caribbean food and laidback island lifestyle. You can now get a direct 11 hour flight from London to Bogota. So you can check out Colombia’s capital city before hopping on a cheap internal flight up to Cartagena.

4. Lanzarote

Book your trip to Lanzarote for the back-end of January, and you’ll experience rising daily temperatures in the low to mid 20’s. Playa Blanca is the most popular resort area in Lanzarote, with a busy town and three huge sandy beaches. You can book a boat trip from here to see the magnificent volcanic landscape of Lanzarote, or you can visit Timanfaya National Park to see an active volcano up close and personal. No matter the time of year, the sea is quite cool here, so we would recommend booking a hotel with a heated swimming pool!

5. Cambodia

January is an ideal time to visit Cambodia with dry weather and the temperature consistently in the 30’s. A two week trip would be enough time to take in some of the main sights of Cambodia. Make for Siem Reap to see the sunrise at the world’s largest religious complex, Angkor Wat. From here, you can travel to the beautiful jungle islands of Koh Rong and Koh Rong Sangloem, and then move on to the sleepy riverside city of Kampot. We would recommend finishing your trip in historical Phnom Penh, where you can take a boat trip down the world-famous Mekong River.

6. Barbados

With highs of 29°C, January is the dry season for Barbados, so there is very little chance of rain. Even better, the humidity is low, so you won’t be walking around feeling sweaty! Head for Freshwater Bay to swim (or snorkel) in the calm Caribbean Sea, with an average temperature of 24°C, taking a dip will feel more like a bath. This is peak season for tourists, so expect to pay a premium for your hotel and flights, and it's best to book early.

7. Cape Verde

Just six hours away, this is another great choice for a January getaway. Make for Sal island and the town of Santa Maria, for an average temperature of 25°C, (although it has been known to get as high as 30°C in January)! Here you’ll be able to visit wide, sandy beaches, try out a range of water-sports, and enjoy the lively Cape Verde nightlife!

8. Mexico

With the temperature in the high 20’s, January is the peak season for Mexico. Stay in Playa del Carmen to relax on the Mayan Riviera’s endless sandy beaches and crystal clear sea water - which is a warm 26°C at this time of year. From here you can easily visit the incredible ancient Mayan ruins of Chichén Itzá, as well as the beautiful walled city of Tulum

9. Indonesia

This is another destination which is slightly further away, however choosing Indonesia for your January holiday will bring guaranteed hot weather. This month is officially still in the country’s wet season, however rainfall tends to be short-lived, usually for just an hour at a time. You’ll definitely still be able to enjoy some beach time - we would recommend visiting the Gili Islands for incredible food and snorkelling. Follow this with a few days in the relaxing countryside of Ubud, and head for Canggu if you’re looking for a few fun nights out!

The top 4 January destinations

What better way to kick start the new year then heading off on an exciting adventure somewhere new? Whether you want to get out of your winter funk with a trip somewhere warm and sunny or face the cold head-on in beautiful snowy locales like Chamonix, we’ve got plenty of choices for you.

If your New Year’s resolution was to travel more and save money while you do it, you’ve come to the right place.

1. Death Valley, California

A great choice for a trip to America, Death Valley’s infamously high summer temperatures (it will reach up to 120°F at its peak) make for mild and hike-able weather in the winter (generally between 40-60°F on average).

Walk through the Martian landscape and admire the gradually shifting colours of the peaks and valleys of one of America's coolest national parks. For a unique experience, book a multi-day guided hiking tour that takes you deep into the park, letting you sleep under an ultra-bright canopy of stars.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

January in Argentina is peak summer, so shed your winter coat and break out the shorts for a wander through this ever-changing metropolis. The neighbourhoods of Buenos Aires are perfect for exploration–duck into open-air cafes to sip mate and snack on empanadas, or stroll through the sprawling Bosques de Palermo park. For a morbid but fascinating excursion, check out the Recoleta cemetery with its towering mausoleums and tombs to notable Argentines like Eva Perón.

Chamonix, France

Upscale skiing can be found in Chamonix, a top French getaway for Europeans looking to hit the slopes. If skiing isn’t really your thing, you can always try your hand at winter hiking or snowshoeing to better immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the Mont Blanc mountains. Unwind after your day out with some traditional winter French fare, like raclette or pot-au-feu.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia’s most well-known attraction, Angkor Wat, can be found on a trip to Siem Reap. As Cambodia’s driest month of the year, January is a particularly nice time to visit the temples, which tend to be overrun in peak summer when the weather is hot and muggy. After exploring the temples, take a walk through the streets of the city to sample traditional Cambodian street food like a num-pang sandwich or sweet sticky rice.